Learn to write in Chinese can be intimidating even for Chinese. When I was little, I hated calligraphy class the most.  However, write with a pen or pencil is not that hard. There are two important parts in writing Chinese. The sequence you move your pen and the final balance of the character. 

Try to follow the image on the left and see if you can master the skill. Start with a pen until you have mastered the sequence. Then try to balance the look. We chose to arrange these two characters from up to down. You may want to arrange them differently. They great thing about Chinese language is you can arrange the characters anyway you like. Finally, you may want to try to use a calligraphy brush. The water color brush is the closest as the calligraphy brush used in China. I am sure you can do it if you try.

If you think you are really great, you may want to scan your work and email to us. We will post them on this web site for you. We also encourage you to challenge your friends and  children to give it a try.