Do you have such a great job that you are dying for it?

If so, you need to be careful. In the five basic elements, job or career is represented by FIRE, and health is represented by WOOD. This cannot be more true. Our healthy body and mind creates the fire on a job, generates a successful career. 

Wood generates fire and fire burns wood. When you have a lots of WOOD, you will sure to have a good potential for FIRE. However, if you burn your FIRE too fast, you could run out of WOOD. When the WOOD runs out, the FIRE is sure to extinguish. Also when you have a lots of WOOD,  your FIRE would be more capable of sustaining small disadvantages and lasts a lot longer. There are many signals warn us the weakening health.  Without knowing, we might loose or gain weight, become irritable at home, feel tired all the time etc. A very respectable successful woman once told me that she had nightmares about fighting robots....If we ignore such signals, our body will collapse and the fire of career will run out of wood. After all, what good is the success if you are not going to live to see it?

So please take good care of yourself and eat a lots of vegetables. It is good for your long term success.