The legend of white snake, a beautiful love story has been re-written into many novels, operas, plays, TV series and movies. The details vary depends on from whom you heard it. This is my version.

Once upon a time, a white snake and a green snake who had been practiced Chi for thousands of years in the E Mei Mountain in Sichuan province. They finally obtained magical power and were able to transform shapes. The were bored by the country life and decided to start an adventure among human. Transformed into two beautiful young women, they named themselves after their original color, Lady White and Miss Green. 
Traveled about one thousand miles east, Lady White and Miss Green met a lonely young pharmacist named Xu Xian at the West Lake of Hang Zhou city. Lady White fell in love with Xu Xian at first sight and married him against Miss Green's advice.

Lady White claimed to be a doctor by family training. She joined Xu Xian in business and their clinic-pharmacy practice turns out to be very successful. Lady White was able to cure disease other doctors announced hopeless.  Fees were waived for poor patients and medicines were given free. This of course makes some people jealousy. Rumors started about Lady White not being human since she had above human power and her origin was kind of obscure.

One day a monk called Fa Hai told Xu Xian that his wife was a snake therefore their marriage was morally wrong. Xu Xian became skeptical. He followed Fa Hai's advice by add herb that was dangerous to snakes but healthy to human into his wife's wine.  Although she was aware of the content of the wine, Lady White was confident about her ability to handle the herb and did not wish to displease her husband. Lady White was drunk and fell asleep. She was not harmed by the herb but she transformed into her original shape during sleep. Xu Xian saw the snake in his bedroom and was literally scared to death. Lady White risked her life to steal the resurrection grass in the Kun Lun mountain in the west of China and saved Xu Xian. Unfortunately, her husband became more doubtful about her. 

Xu Xian went to seek advice from Fa Hai under whose suggestion Xu Xian became a monk and tried to leave all his life's problem behind. Xu Xian wanted to come home when he heard his wife was pregnant. Fa Hai kept Xu Xian against his wish at Golden Mountain temple. Lady White brought a flood over the Golden Mountain Temple to rescue her husband. During her fight against Fa Hai, Lady White went into labor. She was very weak after giving birth and was captured and imprisoned under the Peak of Thunder tower.

Miss Green brought the child back to his father, who was then free. She told Xu Xian what his doubt had cost. Miss Green went back to E Mei mountain. She practiced magic power and finally freed Lady White and turned Fa Hai into a crab. 

If you go visit West Lake today, find the local delicacy called  steamed crab, the transform of Fa Hai for his intervention with other people's happiness, enjoy it with ginger and rice vinegar for his jealousy. You will love it.