The eight basic directions of a house is characterized by Ba-Gua according to the birth time of an individual. The corner pointed by the wealth (or success) direction is the wealth corner. The Ba Gua character can not only apply to the entire house, it is true for every individual room also. Therefore, if the wealth corner of the house is out of your control, you can still work on the individual rooms.

If you select your birth date, time, time zone at your birth and gender in the following form, all your directions can be calculated. If you are not sure about your birth time, or time zone, use your best guess. Just to be sure, we believe that the directions of the family should be determined by the combination of all adults in the family. The directions of dependent children should not be factor into your decision for the house. 

Please Select your birth date according to Gregorian calendar, time in your local time zone and gender:





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The name of the directions cannot be interpreted literally. The same writing of the ancient Chinese character does not exactly mean the same meaning in Chinese today. When translated into English, there is more chances for misunderstanding. Please refer to the explanation table to help you understand each direction correctly.