Do you have an office with window? Do you have an office with the window right in front of your eyes while you look up? What do you see outside of your office window? If you are not one of the lucky few that has a window office with nice view outside, your  vision is some what hampered. This hampered vision can reduce your potential career growth.

If there is no window in your office at all, the  way to fix is to hang a painting with happy great view on the cubical or office wall in front of you. The size of the painting should be pleasant to your  eyes as well as your visitors. Unless you work in an art related environment, obscure modern arts are not recommended. Unlike home, office is a public place and to be agreeable to the public is important to the harmony. Chose a classical, well accepted art work that shows your good taste according to the standard of the people with whom  you work. This can be difficult for it is against our desire of individualism. Just remember, you are not working for yourself alone.

If there is a window but you have your back or your side to it, you can use a mirror to deflect the flow of Chi. To do it inconspicuously, it is recommended to hang a photo, diploma or certificate with a glass on the frame. If you have the resources, you can also have an entire shelf full of awards or shining plates in front of yourself.

If you have a window only with the view of the trash dump in the parking lot or wall of an other building. Put up a nice curtain with happy pattern. If you are not very art oriented person, just put up a shear hunter green curtain over a hunter green cloth. Do not complain if your company will not pay for the curtain, you will get ten times the money back in raises really soon. If you feel uncomfortable about put up a curtain, you can put some green plants that give you an imagination of a forest far away.

The last resort, of course is the back ground for your computer screen. Down load a nice, well accepted picture for your computer screen and enjoy it. No, the screen saver does not count. What makes you think you deserve a raise if you are looking at screen saver all day?:-)