Compensating or Opposing? Deal with family territories, your desk and my bookshelf.  

Recently, I have received a lots of  questions regarding how to arrange the home decoration when the partners having 'opposing' directions, worry about if they are not matching. On the other hand, many prefer to call this compensating directions and knows exactly how to take advantage of such situation. For most us, it is unlikely that we are totally overlap or compensating each other. It is important to realize there are total eight possible direction or Gua. There are total 64 combinations when you are considering two people. The possibility of combinations increases dramatically when you are considering more people in the household. Is there is point here? Yes. We can use our individual Bagua directions to arrange our family territories. 

Our rooms: you may have your own study and your children might have their own bedrooms. If you are living with roommates, you all have your own individual rooms. Select your rooms wisely so it is located at one of your auspicious directions  relative to the house. The locations that is no good for anyone? Consider to use it as storage room, put a bookshelf, exercise machine/cloth hanger, litter box for the cats or a green plant.
Living room or family rooms: In most families, living room connect the family to the outside and family room connect the family inside. Many families have a great fun in arranging their favorite chair in  the living rooms and families rooms base on their individual Bagua relative to the room. Forget about the entire house in a moment, lay everyone's Bagua directions over the room and arrange the chairs accordingly. The family cat or dog can have the corner that no body wants. 
Home office or study: If you are working at home a lot, you need to arrange your desk such that where you sit is one of your auspicious locations. Make it the Calm position if possible. Better yet, make it the calm position in the house as well as the room if possible. 
Your side of the bed or my side of the bed: In the bedroom, couples may want to arrange the bed such that they are both sleeping on their own auspicious location relative to the room. 

As you may have seen, it can get quite detailed in exactly how do we arrange our houses and rooms. The perfect solution is difficult to reach and not necessary either. If you are in your auspicious locations most of the time, you will be pretty much OK as far as FengShui concern.  

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