Use wind chimes to enhance the Chi in your house

Wind chimes are more and more popular these days. It makes beautiful sound with breeze and add life to a quite household. Thanks to the artists and gift manufactures, you can find almost any kind of wind chimes anywhere. It is preferred to select wind chimes made of hollow tubes. This brings an uplift influence of Chi.  
There are many ways of placing wind chimes in a house hold. You can place it by the door or window to take advantage of breeze. You can also place it the relatively darker section of the house to enhance the Chi. You can even  specifically select the wind chimes for the element it represents and place it strategically at certain locations. BTW, it is not recommended to place wind chimes at work even if you have your own office. This is not because of FengShui but many believe it does not look very professional.

If you want to take full advantage of the wind chimes, there are two factors you may want to consider. They are material and number of rods. 
The wind chimes made of brass or steel represents metal element. The preferred number of rods for such a wind chime is six or seven. 
The wind chimes made of bamboo represents wood element. The preferred number of rods for a bamboo chime is three or four.