This is for unattached female only.
If you have been shopping in China town, you might have seen porcelain statue of a goddess dress in pink with peach blossom in her hand. She is a very popular folk goddess in China. I would say the more accurate translation is the spirit of the 'peach blossom'. Since most translation have been using the word goddess, we will comply with the majority. 
The peach blossom is considered very beneficial to unattached female, regardless of age. The most widely used benefit is for relationship and romance. However, people have find that it is also beneficial for unattached female intellectually and financially.  If you prefer not to use the goddess, use painting, fresh/silk flowers or scent will be helpful too. 
No matter you use painting, flower or scent, the peach blossom should be used immediately inside your front door. Keep the area clean. Statue and painting needs to be replaced yearly. The flowers needs to be kept fresh and attractive. Remove the dead braches on the fresh flowers and clean your silk flower daily. If you use scented candle, make sure you chose tearless candle. 
May your smile as beautiful as peach blossom!