We all receive and give a lots of gifts in the holidays and many of us are still in the shopping mode. Looking forward to the inauguration of the year of snake, many of us have the urge to decorate our place in a FengShui correct way. Buying new fountains, coins and other auspicious decoration elements. However, do we realize that everything surround us already have five elements and Yin-Yang character? Is it possible all we need is to re-arrange what we already have? It is time to back to the basics. 
I would like you to ask yourself the following questions before you get on your next shopping spree:

What is my personal five element character base on Chinese Zodiac
What are the elements that will nurture or control my element? You need both elements to live a balanced life. 
What are the elements of the things around me in my office (living room, bedroom, kitchen, outside my house) base on their material and color? How do they effect my element?
Do I have balanced environment? What do I need to add or subtract from my current environment?  

You can find all the relevant information in our FAQ. However, you are the person that knows your environment best. You are the only person that can help yourself to live a balanced life. Remember, Edison once said, there is no substitute for hard work.