Select the best tea cups for your summer tea drinking

Tea is getting more and more popular in the American continent. You can buy tea pots and tea bags any where you can get coffee. In addition to the caffeine, we enjoy tea for good health reasons that our physicians would agree. Unless you are dinking tea out of a vending machine,  you will find that not all teas are made the same.

The best for the summer time is green tea. Lose leaf tea tastes good but the tea bags are convenient. You can find good quality green tea come in little brew through bags in most supermarket chains. You might even be able to find decaffeinate green tea in some grocery stores. There are many types of green tea in health food store as well. No matter where do you buy your tea, it is important to keep it fresh. In china, connoisseurs drink 'new tea and old wine'. Therefore, only buy the small packages. Use your tea immediately if you receive them as gifts. Keep your tea in a sealed container after opening. 

Just like drinking coffee or wine, there are specific 'container' for tea drinking. In five elements, green tea belongs to fine wood. Match it with a  4-5 oz cup made of fine china is best. Fine china belongs to fine earth. Although it may be easier to use a bigger mug for the office, rough porcelain or crystal glass is not a good match.  Metal is not a good element for tea cup or tea pot in addition to the fact it will definitely destroy the flavors.  You should be able to find small tea pot made of fine chine that contains about 3 measuring cups of water in a department store.   Chose any color that fits your style. I prefer very white color (almost transparent)  that reflect the green color of freshly brewed green tea.