The summer has the character of fire element. The strong fire will consume wood element, heavily dominate metal element and make water element lose control. The fire element generates earth element. This means that in the summer, there is a strong possibility of fire and earth elements domination.  This unbalance in five elements will be harmful to our body and mind. To keep the harmony with our living environment and balance of the five elements, all other three elements needs to be adjusted during the summer. 

One general advice from our physician to most of us is to drink sufficient amount of water. This is tough to do if you are out on the beach, in a park or hiking. The best strategy is to plan ahead. Make sure you bring a lots of water and check if the destination has good accessibility to restroom facilities ahead of time. Before you leave, prepare a huge jar of slightly salted water. The salty taste has the character of water element. If you prefer not to bring it with you, leave it in the fridge so it is nice and cool when you get home. Some times, we are losing great amount of water in activities and we do not even realize we were sweating or feel thirsty. Therefore, it is necessary to count your water consumption consciously and drink regularly even if you do not feel thirsty. 

 If you like herbs, you can find chrysanthemum in your local Chinese food store or local natural food store. This autumn flower has character of metal element and is widely used by Chinese as summer drinks. Add one or two flower to about 1 gallon of any drink.  It is important to understand that the chrysanthemum used for drinking is specially grown and processed. Please do not use random flowers. Stop using it and consult your physician immediately if you developed any discomfort. What about the wood element? The best are fruits and fresh vegetables. If you prefer, there are plenty of fruit juice and vegetable juice in the grocery store.  

Drink to Your Health!