If you have your kitchen on the first floor and there is a bathroom on the second floor, there is a chance that you can place your stove right under the toilet bowl. Sometimes we can scare ourselves just by standing in the kitchen and visually remove the ceiling. The correct way to verify this is to compare the floor plan of each level. If you can not afford to move either the bathroom or the kitchen, the most straightforward thing to do is to avoid using the upstairs bathroom. Please remember that you will need to keep the little reservoir behind the toilet filled even if you are not using that toilet. An empty toilet is an empty toilet. No matter you use it or not.

If you must use the upstairs bathroom AND the bathroom pipes are not visible from the kitchen, there are still several things you can do. If there is a fan right on top of the stove, keep the metal surface of the fan shiny and reflective. It can serve as a mirror thus deflects the flow of Chi. If you have a cabinet on top of the stove, you can use it to store your dishes and crystals. Clean them frequently and keep them shiny even you are not using them. One last thing you can do is to manage to put a layer of aluminum foil in between the stove and the ceiling on which the toilet sits. You got the idea, put some thing shiny on top of your stove and you are the best to decide how to make it work best.