The knob of the stove (not include soft keys) should not face the front door because it makes the food flow outside. It should not face the south because both south and stove are fire elements. Too much fire will set you off the balance. It cannot face the sink and it cannot face the fridge, because the sink and fridge are water elements. It should not face any direction that is opposite to the cook of the family. Because you know what will happen if the cook is not happy in the kitchen. Have you found the right direction yet? What about facing up? Actually, having the stove knob facing up is the best of all to avoid all the worries. You can find the right stovetop at any appliance store. It is easy enough to do it your self. If you really want your worries to go away, you should replace them with soft keys, the type you have on your microwave.

What if you are renting and it is not up to you about the stove? Then make sure the knobs are not facing the door is the most important. If your stove knob faces the door try to put a microwave, computer monitor, TV or anything with a shiny surface in the way. Put your TV (same with other stuff) on the height that you can watch TV while you have your back to the stove. It is not necessary that your reflection surface to by on the same height as the stove