In the eyes of Fengshui (Feng Shui), the shape of the property is the base of the house. The FengShui (Feng Shui) of the house can hardly be beneficial without the right shape of the property. 

The best shape of the property is rectangular with one of its side facing the street. If not rectangular, it is preferred a smaller front and extended to larger back. When look from the front, you should see a growing property. 

example of property shapes a-c

In the examples above, A and B are auspicious property shapes. In shape A, even if the corner is not right angle it is still OK. Shape C could be an auspicious property shape if it is facing the road with one of its sides. If the shape B has its wider side facing the road, the owner of the property will have poor financial prospective. 

The properties that miss a corner, in T, L or triangle shape are not very auspicious. The triangle shape is particularity bad if it has wide front and narrow to the back to a single point. Unfortunately, some corner lots fall into this category.

The shape of the house itself is relatively difficult. The traditional Fengshui emphasis the symmetry and complete of the shape. The best house shape is rectangular or a cube if you count all three dimensions. The traditional and popular housing shapes in North America meet this requirement well. The housing criteria  is difficult to apply to modern architecture buildings. I suggest you consult a local practitioner if you have concerns of an individual house.