The shape of your living enviorment

In the form school of FengShui (Feng Shui), the shape of the environment  is critical to the FengShui (Feng Shui) of the house. It is the first impression. In most of the cases, the owner of the house does not necessarily own all the land around it. Therefore, it is very likely to lose control about what is going to happen to the shape. 

The shape that should be taken into concern depends on the size of the house. The rule of sum is that you should be concerned about anything that is within 4 times the longest side of the house. For example, if the house is 100 feet wide and 50 feet long and 30 feet tall, whatever within 400 feet of the house should be taken into consideration.

In America, the properties close to reservations and beaches are considered of good value. This is in agreement with this particular FengShui (Feng Shui) principle because it is less likely to change within the life time of the house. 

The shape of the environment should embrace the house. The ground on the side of the house should be lower than that of the back but higher than front. A small river in front of the house is always a good thing. 

It is ideal if there is a mountain or hill behind the house for it to 'lean against'.  Having a swimming pool in the back yard is not recommended. Do not worry that the hill on the back of the house will block the sun. If you are doing everything right, the back of the house should be facing North. (facing south if you are on the other half of the earth). If you happen to own the property, it is recommended to plant big trees behind the house regardless of its relative height to the house.

The sides of the house should be lower that the back. If its exactly the same relative height to front of the house then it is OK.  If the side of the house has slope down hill, it is important to build a stone bank against it so there is no further possibility of slipping. This is good for the FengShui of the house and practical applications.  

The front of the house should be wide open and have good views. We will discuss more about it in the view of the house. If you would like a private swimming pool, pound or fountain, put it in front of the house.