Before Confucianism was established as the only philosophy allowed in China around 200 B.C. , Taoism and many other philosophies enjoyed relatively free expression of their individual idea. Under the banner of educating the perfect citizen, anything other than Confucianism was banned. Many philosophies were prosecuted. The surviving Tao philosophers moved to the mountains and Taoism further split to a secular scholar  philosophy and a religious practice. 

In Han dynasty (206 B.C.-220) secular Taoism philosophers became very technical and emphasis on technical skills and mathematical calculation.  The technical methods of studying houses and tombs grounds has allowed the Taoism to revive after the huge persecution in the early Han Dynasty. It has become the most fashionable study for well to do Chinese scholars who had too much time, money and wisdom. They also pushed the application of Taoism and I-Ching to the every day practice to furniture arrangements. 

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