Do you know  some one is looking over your shoulders or approaching you while you are focusing on your computer screen?

Most of us do not, especially when we have our back to the office door or the entrance of a cubical. It is unfortunate that we seldom have the luxury of choosing our own desk orientation at the place we spend most of our time. If you are not one of the lucky few that have their back to a solid wall, your career is suffered some unstable condition. The environment for the Chi around you is unbalanced and unstable. You might not get the support you need from your boss and your colleagues.

There are many ways of improving your Fengshui at work. Try a small rear view mirror and put it on the top or frame of your monitor. You can get one in the auto section of any retail store or convenient store for less than $2. Make sure it covers your back completely. If there is a door behind you, you should be able to see who is coming into you office without turn around.

The little mirror can prevent you from being interrupted from your important work when some one come in and just want to chat. More importantly, you will be surprised how much stabilization it will bring to your career and your work place.