What if your door and window are straightly lined up?

Do you have your door or windows so straightly lined up that people passed by your front door can almost see what is going on in your back yard? This is very bad Fengshui because the Chi does not have any opportunity to circulate in your house before it get out of the back door. Lacking of the Chi can cause short of stimulant in your life. The best solution to this is to build a solid wall in between. This usually takes a major home improvement project. Don't worry, there are some less costly ways to help the Chi to circulate.

The most frequently used solution is to put a screen or room divider to create a little detour for the Chi. A folding wood screen is easy to make and can be fold aside in case you need to remove the partition for a party or something. Chose the number of panels, width and height according to the room. There is no need for the height to reach the ceiling. Odd number, such as of 3 and 5 are recommended for the panels. Number 3 has the character of wood. Number 5 has the character of earth. They are both suitable numbers for the material.  Screen made of odd number panels is also more stable. The lumber yard or home improvement store can do most of the work. They may already have some soft wood boards in stock. Half to one inch in thickness   should be sufficient. Ask them to cut the wood boards in to desired size for you. Use double action metal hinges so the wood panels can be fold both sides. With the regulation of metal, you will avoid excessive wood element come with the screen. After you bring them home, paint and hinge them together.

If your room is already small, you may not want to break it into two smaller rooms. A good alternative solution is to use fish tank, which allows good view and makes the rooms look larger. You can also try to hang a  spider plant or other decoration from the ceiling so you don't have to take the little detour you create  for the Chi. In some cases, you might want to add multiple objects while each of them only blocks part of the path between the well aligned door and windows. 

Trust your own instinct in arranging them. Remember, it is all about balance. If it is good for you, it must be good for the view.