Once I sit next to a gracious lady on an airplane. She was wearing a beautiful diamond 'star of David' on a thin string of silk. She told me it was a gift from her son's wife to be and she was on her way to the wedding. She was a happy mother. However, diamond is not necessary to make your mother, step mother or mother-in-law happy. This week, we have some gifts ideas for mother's day.

In Bagua, the southwest Gua is related to mother and earth element. In the relation of color, color yellow is an earth element. The earth element is benefit from the fire element. The fire element has the color of red.

The easiest is any gift with red or yellow gift wrap. I do not know if you have noticed that most of the printed roses have no needles. Use as much rose printed gift boxes or wrapping paper as you like, add a little red or yellow ribbon if necessary. 

An other very popular gift idea is candle. Candle has the fire element that benefits the earth element. This is particularly handy if your mother does not like red or yellow as color.  You can also take your parents to dinner in a nice restaurant that uses candle light. Many people think this is the best idea because  the father would not feel left out.

If you are wealthy and generous, any kind of the precious stone or diamond (earth element) is a great idea. I am sure any jeweler will have millions of suggestions to help you find the right gift. Save the gold (or any other metal) for another occasion.