The stock market just had a good dive. There will be more dives ahead, according to the financial pundits. If you own a lots of hi tech stocks trade on NASDAQ, how are you dealing with this unavoidable loss?
The bottom line is balance. There can be too much of a good thing. The best thing you can do is to take a cool look at your portfolio and make an action plan.  Consult  your financial adviser about the details regarding how to balance your particular portfolio. When you are making too much money, think before you celebrate. Is your portfolio unbalanced? Is your life unbalanced? Did you reserve enough cash for your next vacation? Did you spend money that you don't really have? Did you transfer your last two thousand out of the pathetic 2.0% saving's account and invested in the new internet fund?
Specifically, from FengShui (Feng Shui) view, please take a good look at your eight directions and decide how to make necessary changes. Be honest to yourself and ask what do you need most in life right now. Although many of us hated the plunge on the NASDAQ, I am sure most of us are still doing OK money wise. Think about the stress you are experiencing right now are because of money or just triggered by money? Compare your activity area with the eight directions. Sit down with your loved ones to make a plan to re-arrange your living room, study and bedroom that benefit both of you the best. No matter how different you are, you can always find at least one common direction that benefit both of you. However, it is not the best time to actually make changes. It is the best time to make plans. Make a plan that intent to add more  harmony and balance into to your life and remember this goal when you are discussing the plans.