simple fountain Simple Fountains for Indoors & Outdoors : 20 Step-By-Step Projects  by Dorcas Adkins price $18.86 hardcover, published November 1999
Fountain is the best friend of Fengshui practitioner. Dorcas Adkins, a fountain designer and manufacturer, explain the step by step projects using readily available materials and simple crafting techniques for fountain making. The well explain procedures are easy to follow even for novice. The projects include small table fountains to large out door garden fountains that will make all your neighbors jealous. In the true spirit of 'do it yourself', the fountains you make cost much less that you would buy in stores. There is also a list of suggested plants, material ordering places and trouble shooting guide. 

simple fountain Outdoor Water Features: 16 Easy-to-Build Projects For Your Yard and Garden  by Alan Bridgewater and Gill Bridgewater is a very good book for armature landscapers and carpenters.
Strictly speaking, this is not a Fengshui Book. It is a book that can help you implement your Fengshui ideas in your yard. The authors have also written many other woodwork related books. 
simple fountain Site engineering for landscape architects  Steven Storm and Kurt Nathan is for the serious only.  Both professors teach at Rutgers State university of New Jersey. 
Although it is an excellent reference book, it is most helpful if you already have some experience and knowledge in landscaping. To best take advantage of this book, you should also know one or two about computers and computerized tools. This is a book for the professionals and worth every penny of it. It helps you to transfer your idea into existence.