If you feel the holidays are more stressful than cheerful, you are not alone. The parties, shopping and gift wrapping can be a full time job by themselves. Some times, people are not necessarily grateful for what you have done. This is all too common in this fast paced society. The feelings of being stressed, under appreciated or not being cared for can also be exacerbated by the unbalance of our living environment. In the holidays, it is best to use the lotus cup to correct the negative chi in your environment. The lotus cup is particularly good for such situation because it has relatively mellow character. It is unlikely to be in conflict with anything in your house hold. The lotus cup is some how like the neutralizing salt in chemistry. 
The lotus shaped cup can be find in China town or your local craft store. If you cannot find a cup in lotus shape, a regular handle free cup (such as a small salad dressing bowl or tea cup) with lotus on it will be fine. Fill the cup with cold clean water. Put three pieces of red dates in it. Place the cup anywhere that you think might be bothering you. It can be used in any area, in any room. it is preferred that the cup is hidden from obvious view. Remove the cup (and every thing in it) when the color of the water is changed. Throw away the content and keep the cup if you like. This procedure can be used repeatedly.