What is your bed room like for a romantic day? No, you do not have to answer this question. I bet all of us have at least a bed in the bedroom. For a bedroom for two, a bed for two is a must. A full or queen size bed is actually better than a king size or larger bed in most cases. King sized bed usually has two small box springs to be used side by side. This generates a split in the Chi and alters the possibility of the people who sleep in a this bed to be together. It is especially important in the beginning of the relationship when there is no other strong bond between the two of you.  

For the same reason, using two twin size beds is bad, bad, bad! If you are sleeping in beds that are not intend to be together, what makes you think you are to be together? Look around your bed, remove any hint of separation. In China, it was quite popular for a while for children to buy dual temperature controlled electric blanket for their elderly parents. I always say, their parents probably better off without it. Do you have anything in your bed that gives hint of separation? Be very critical and remove them all. 

What if you do have a king sized bed? Try to use it without the box springs. It will be best to make sure the box springs are out of the view too. What if all you have are two twin sized beds? Then you have to move one of them out of the bedroom. You well be a lot better off to squeeze into one twin sized bed than having to sleep in two beds. That will bring a whole new meaning for "sleep tight":-)