I still cannot forget the day I graduated, the robe, the noise, the camera flashes, the sun shine and the nervousness.  The celebrations and excitement was not mine. The parents and professors might be, because they finally got rid of me. Everything was extremely strange that day. I do not particularly like that day because the graduation was not my choice. It was more like being kicked out of home. I was on my own.

As hard as it is, graduation is coming. The best thing to deal with graduation is to jump start your future.  Do not take this summer off. You need to get used to two weeks/per year vacation from now on. If your parents want to send you to Europe for your last summer off, ask them if you can have the gift for your honeymoon instead. Trust me, you will need it more then. If your parents kindly insist you chose a gift now (they may have some thing else planned for your honeymoon). Ask them if you can have their old car or they would pay the down payment for a new car.

Now you need to find a job if you do not already have one lined up. Take advantage of the free service from your school and post your resume on the internet. Use our FAQ to calculate your directions. After you find your good directions, put it n a map with center of the chart as your birthplace. Now you need to do two things.

When you go out, you want to look for opportunities in your 'success' direction or one of the other good directions.  Look through the aluminates list, send out emails to and letters to aluminates to ask if their company is hiring. Watch the news and listen to what is going on in that part of the country. Tell your head-hunter that you are specifically interested in that direction. Ask your school mates from that direction about the people and culture of that part of the country.

Inside your room, you may want to energize your 'success' and other good directions.  You can chose from paintings, plants, lights and crystals. Whatever you like or you think fit in your room.

Last but not least, read the career related tips in our FAQ.