Yes. Fengshui can help you organize your holiday gifts giving! No matter you are an earlier shopper who have started buying your Christmas cards since the 'after new year sale' or you are convinced that you are going to get all your shopping done on the Christmas eve, it does not hurt to get organized early. 
personally, I prefer the five-elements organizing way. (see more in color relation of five elements

  1. Take out a piece of paper, fold it in two columns. It is important that your paper is large enough so if you miss place it, you will miss place everything. 
  2. Write down all the people you intend to send a greeting in the holiday on the left column. Include the people you wish you could spend all your money and those people you will buy the cheapest card. You can either go alphabetically or go buy family-work-neighborhood relations. Make sure you include everyone.
  3. Leave your list alone for a day or two, then double check your list. Make sure you did not miss anyone. 
  4. Get a pack of high-lighter contains at least five colors with each color represents one element.
  5. Mark the names with the high-lighter whenever you can. Any reason is a good reason. You can color him red because he has a fire like temper. You can mark her red because she always wares red cloths. You can also mark your family living in the south red because that is the color of the Gua that represents the south. If you leave some names un-colored, that is fine.
  6. Now the people that is related to an element color will receive a gift related to that element. The people whose name are not colored will receive neutral or balanced elements gifts.
  7. Put a realistic estimated Dollar range next to each person's name. (zero if possible, less than 1, 10-20, or at least 200). Sum up your total estimation, adjust if necessary.
  8. Congratulations! Now you have a plan. Make sure you are sticking to it and check the spending against your plan.