Do you get the support you need from your boss/colleague/employee? I hope you do. If you do not, here are some simple tips you can apply to your office or cube. 
First, examine  your office as an outsider. What do you see if some one enters your office?  Is it your back? Many of us prefer to have our back to the door to minimize the probability of interruption. This may not be the best idea. Please also note that as much as we dislike it, politics does exist in the work place. Interaction with your coworkers from various departments help you to get support when you need them. Grandma was right. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

To advance your career, you need a mountain behind you. There are many objects that serves as mountain as far as Fengshui concern. 
Use a very tall and solid object. It can be a book shelf or a file Cabin. Do not use coat pole. It usually has pointing, sharp sticks on which the coats are hang. You do not want that sort of thing behind your back. 
If your office is large enough, you may want to put a big plant behind your chair. A real tree is preferred. However, if you cannot afford the time, get an artificial one. There are different opinions regarding how useful the artificial plants. The good part is: its better than nothing.
A painting of mountain is preferred by many Fengshui practitioners. Unfortunately, it is not preferred by ALL masters. Can a painted mountain provide the same positive effect as a real one? My answer is yes. Maybe not as effective, but it works. Besides, what are you going to lose if you add a beautiful museum reprint or motivational poster in your office?$20?
I am sure you will come up with your own ideas on increasing the amount of support at work.