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 New house number
Author: Emtor (
Date:   12-16-04 23:48

I would like to get an advise please. We are planning to buy a new house and the house number is 404. Is it considered a lucky or unlucky number in Chinese Feng Sui?

 RE: New house number
Author: piero cento (
Date:   12-23-04 20:22


I am not an expert but I can tell for sure that the number 4 in chinese is the worst, because its sounds in their language ( si) very similar to the word "death" (shi), and chinese people stay clear of it.

Lucky numbers are 8 and 3. Another unlucky guy is 2, because it sounds like "hunger" (er).

Sorry to disappoint you...

 chinese lucky items
Author: fe (203.177.82.---)
Date:   01-01-05 04:31

I have different chinese lucky items in our home.. is it good to have it without knowing if it applies to our home. I bought it in the department store.


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