How does the outside of the house influence Fengshui (Feng Shui)?

The form school of FengShui, observes the form and shape of land of a property and that around it, is especially useful before you buy or rent a new place. Historically, it is also the first step of Fengshui (Feng Shui) observation for beginners. It is by far the most popular practiced and discussed by the public. In Chinese and other Asian literatures, the form school of Fengshui is frequently found to be part of the conversation of the heroes and heroines.  Because of its popularity, form school of Fengshui also includes many rules that have practical value but not really Fengshui related. We will point those out in individual pages so you can selectively use them as you see fit.

With the increasing popularity of Fengshui (Feng Shui), it is important to know about form school of Fengshui (Feng Shui) even if you do not believe in it. This is extremely important if you are a real estate agent and want to provide the right advice for your clients. If you are buying a new house, think about how the Fengshui (Feng Shui) of the house will influence its re-sell value by the time you intend to sell it. 

As its name suggests, the most important part is the 'form'.  How high is the ground of the house relative to its neighboring land?  What is the shape of the property? What is the shape of the house itself? What is the view from the house?  Are there any poles (cellular phone towers, electric transmitting towers etc.) that could potentially bring inauspicious influence to the house?  Are there any water that could potentially auspiciously benefit the house? Is there a high way nearby that brings cacophony?  Are there  trees shield the house from bad influence?