Do you like fresh flowers? I do. For a long time, I keep fresh flowers in every single room in my house, especially when the spring comes. It is so natural when you have the special visitor come with a bouquet of roses and you bring them to the bedroom with you. Oops! Fresh flowers stimulate the positive flow of Chi and add beautiful essence to your interior decoration but it is not to be put at all over the place. Fresh flowers in the bedroom is usually not a very good idea. There will be too much Chi stimulated and decrease your sleep quality. Flowers with needles are bad bad thing in the bedroom. Did we say enough bad thing about pointing needles? Keep your beautiful flowers in the living room where they serve you best. What if you really love flowers (roses) in the bedroom? Try to put silk flower arrangement or potpourri or use rosewood in your bedroom. BTW, fresh flowers in the living room will help you attract new friends. By the time your friend get to see your bedroom, it is no longer a matter of initial attraction alone. Does this make sense to you?