Are cut flowers bad for your Chi? Absolutely not! Some people say cut flowers are dead therefore bad for the Chi. This is untrue. First, cut flowers are not more dead than wood furniture that are made of dead trees, or cloths that are made of dead cotton or food that are made of dead plants and animals. It is certainly less dead than all the synthetic materials that are made of oil which is dead for million of years. If we get rid of everything that is dead, we will be back to bronze age if not stone age.

I-Ching, the book of change, told us about balance in life. What ever is alive will die some day. There is no need to be afraid of death or dead material. It is just part of nature. The importance is to live well while YOU are alive.

The cut flowers, usually maintained in a vase with water, has strong present of wood and water element. In the case you are keeping it in an antique Chinese metal vase, the entire five elements are completed in the setting. The presence of setting with complete five elements brings sign of balance and harmony to your life.

The best place for flower is the wealth corner of your house, hopefully it is in your living room or dinning room. The second to the best is the wealth corner of your living room. Please be reminded that once you obtained your wealth direction,  it can be applied to the entire house as well as your individual room. A well arranged cut flower at the wealth corner of your living room will light up your room, please your eyes and positively stimulate your financial flow. This is why flower arrangement is many Fengshui (Feng Shui) practitioner's favorite. So enjoy your flowers!