Trying write and pronounce five elements in Chinese? have fun. 

Name in English Writing in Chinese pronunciation notes
Metal /jin/ as the end of the word "engine". Flat tone
Wood /mu/ as the you tell someone to 'move' without the "v" sound. Falling tone.
Water /shui/ pronounce it in two segments: sh-wai(t)
 "sh" as you say "show" without "ou" sound
 "wai" as you say "wait" without the "t" sound
This character has the third tone, first go down, then up
Fire /huo/ pronounce it in two segments: who-all
pronounce "who" very shortly and change to
"awe" very quickly
This character has the raising tone
Earth /tu/ pronounce just like "two" 
the third tone. First go down then up.