What will be a FengShui gift for father's day or a special occasion in the summer?

It seems that father is usually the one that is being ignored in the family functions. Even on father's day, they either get a tie or some tool so they can work more. In America, it seems fathers are only associated with working. Even in families where the mother makes more money, children still think Dad is the equivalent of work. How about just taking Dad out for dinner this year and enjoy the time spend together? Try to have some small talk. Try to look at him as if his is a child that needs your attention.

In the Bagua, the father is represented by the Qian Gua. It is a metal element. The Summer is a fire element. As much as we all like it, summer is not the best season for Dad's health. As a considerate child, I am sure you cannot wait to do something to help Dad's health. The metal element can be helped by directly use another metal element. It can also be helped by an earth element that will generate or nurture a metal element. To fight the fire, a water element is very useful.

So, where are you taking Dad for father's day dinner? If you take Dad to a Chinese  restaurant, there are food that is sweet, spicy or salty. The taste of sweet has the character of earth element that nurtures metal elements. A spicy taste has the character of metal element. The taste of salt belongs to the water element which will help fight the fire. These basic taste groups can also be easily found in Japanese or sea food restaurant (salty); Mexican (spicy); Caribbean (salty and spicy) restaurants. Be creative and use your imaginations. 

Did I mention it is good gesture to take Dad out even it is not father's day?

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