It is the holiday season again! Every body and their sisters are dressing in red. Wait, it seems that everybody and their brothers are dressing in red too! For those of you that are fashion sensitive, you might have already noticed that this year has more red than usual. You might be wondering if it is just the holiday spirit or red is really in fashion? Yes. Red is in fashion again. That is very true from Asia to America, red dress, sweaters and coats are everywhere. If you happen to be in Europe, you might have noticed many well groomed middle aged gentlemen in red sport coats or suits. 
There is a good reason for you to enjoy red this winter. The year 2000 and 2001 has one common metal character. Translate literally, it is called 'wax metal'. The 'wax metal' is a weak metal. It cannot control wood, will not generate water and easy to be destroyed by fire. However, it is counted towards your total metal. In the year end, why not burn the 'wax metal' so you will have the space for new solid metal to come in the new year? In order to move forward, some times we need to take one step back. This is one step back in your metal now and get prepared for a real prosperous new year. In the mean time, there will be a relatively long spring (for the area there is no spring, you are likely to have a late arrival of summer). Spring has the character of wood, the strong wood needs fire to handle it. This is how you get your metal back. In the mean time, red will make you feel warmer. 
By the way, the next Chinese new year is January 24th.