Please help introduce Chinese literature to your community and donate a book to your local school or library. These books are also very good gifts for the book lovers.


the other shore by Gao XingJianThe other shore:  by GAO XingJian. The Chinese University Press. $24.50 Paper back. This collection contains five of this Nobel prize laureate play writer's  most recent works: The Other Shore (1986), Between Life and Death (1991), Dialogue and Rebuttal (1992), Nocturnal Wanderer (1993), and Weekend Quartet (1995). You will find poetry, comedy as well as tragedy in the plays, which are graced by beautiful language and original imagery. Combining Zen philosophy and a modern worldview, they serve to illuminate the gritty realities of life, death, sex, loneliness, and exile. In addition to all the greatest things about the author, his book is extremely easy to read. Both the length of the play and individual sentence are perfect for colleague student weekend reading, class production or advanced reading for high school seniors.


Please don't call me Human by WANG Shuo is absolutely hilarious! $19.16, hard cover. 
I had to wrestle with myself  if I should recommend such a book in the culture campaign. According to many Chinese pundits from China and the west, it is not 'cultural'. The book is too easy to read, the humor is too dark and its a story about low-life slacker. What positive impact can come out of a disgusting book like this? The flip side of the argument is that Chinese does not have to be so serious. Chinese culture should not merely be represented by intellectuals elites and their view of life. Maybe its time for us to take a look of people on the bottom of the society and understand how they feel. Majority of us do not merge in profound thoughts everyday, no matter what culture back ground you are from!  I decide to recommend it because it is fun to read for anyone. 


The republic of wine by MO Yan gives a real profound look of Chinese culture and human character  in an entertaining and humors way. $ 21.56 Hard cover
Mo Yan, literally means 'do not talk', has been a very popular writer in China for years. His jokes really make you think. This absurd story in the republic of wine does not happen in real life. However, we might have seen one or two character of those in our neighborhood. We might even be attempted to think or do things like that.  This dark humor tells a tall tale in the fictional "liquor land", when one official come to investigate the allegation of cannibal feasts featuring children as the delectable main course.......


In the Pond by year 2000 PEN/Faulkner Award and 1999 National book award winner HA Jin is a small book about big issues. $9.90 paper back.
It is a story about a small self-taught artist live in a small room, working for a small fertilizer plant in China. The story about his struggle to have a larger apartment for his small family evolves into a saga about power, vanity, art, injustice, and of course politics. It opens a window to the true life of small people in China up till few years ago. Maybe it is still very true in some part of China today. The story has a good ending. It is a comedy--naughty, lusty, raucously entertaining.  

Note: Ha Jin wins his awards for the tragic story  waiting.