The earth is a globe. How do I adjust for Fengshui (Feng Shui) directions based on my location?

The direction is always a relative thing. When we travel all the way east, we could end up at some where west of where we started. The same thing could happen with south and north. Historically, Fengshui (Feng Shui) has been developed in a very localized way. This means that most of the time you need a center of reference. The scale of the motion is refer to the center of the reference.

Before we get into any details, people who live in the southern hemisphere need to be reminded that on your half of the earth, you need to replace the north with the south.

The easiest case, is that your concern is your house. You determine the center of the reference BASED ON your house. The east/west (same as south, north) direction is the vicinity of the center of the reference. The farther you go, the less the significance of the direction. Assume, the farthest distance between the farthest point on in the house and the center of the reference is 100 feet. The rule of thumb based on I-Ching, the direction is meaningless if you are nine times the distance, which is 900 feet out of the house in that direction. Therefore, you do not need to be concerned about a corner of a building 900 feet away unless it is very large.

If your concern is travel, there are two different situation. If you travel in a small scale, such as within the continent of US, the direction is reference to the center of your regular activity area. If you live in LA and traveling to NY city, you are traveling northeast.

When you are traveling across the continents, particularly if you are traveling close to  the north/south pole or equator, you need to do some work. First, you still use the center of your normal activity as reference point. You unfold the sphere of earth in such a way that your center of the reference is the center of the earth. The apply the normal direction.