What is this Fengshui (Feng Shui) thing?

Chinese can be pronounce in many ways. There is no wrong way. If you never pronounce Fengshui before, you can try our suggestion as followed. If you pronounce differently, that's fine too. Feng can be pronounced as in the beginning part of phoenix (without the -ix). Shui pronounce as shoo-way

Translate literally, Feng means wind and Shui means water. Therefore, you can call it the "wind and water". The wind and water are the stuff that flows and observed by the ancient. Fengshui (Feng Shui) is a description about how the "chi", the energy of the life force, flows around us and influences our lives. The practice of "Fengshui (Feng Shui)" is to achieve the optimum   balance and harmony through the location and orientation of the living environment. There is also similar research for the deceased but will not be covered at this web site.

The most important word in Fengshui (Feng Shui) is 'balance'. You need to balance the Yin and Yang and balance the five elements. For specific environment, the shape of the land and the house are very important. The ideal house will be embraced by its environment and free from natural damages. For individuals, it is the time you born and how you act in life. 

Two major elements work together in Fengshui (Feng Shui). The with-birth part: where and when you where born. There is not much we can do about it. The after-birth part: where and how do you live. Fengshui (Feng Shui) is being excised on this part most. Fengshui (Feng Shui) is very technically strict and has been proven to be true statistically through out Chinese history.

If you are interested in learning more about how Fengshui (Feng Shui) has become such an important part of the everyday life of Chinese and Asian, click on the button History of Fengshui' on the left.