Tax time can be very stressful. . If you have already filed your taxes and take care of your IRA stuff, you can skip this tip. If you or your partner is suffering from  'the Apr 15 count down syndrome' you may want to burn some scented candle or incense on the calm direction. You can find the calculator in our FAQ. 

Be careful not to make it too obvious. If you never use incense before and not fond of lighting up candle during the day time, maybe its not a good idea to start it right now. Some people can be very irritable during certain times. What about arrange a (surprise) candle night dinner? You may sit the person on the right location and with candle emphasis that direction. 

Rotating the bed is most effective but most obvious. The alternative is to treat the pillow as a small region by its own. Locate the center of the pillow. Put a small piece of rounded jade under the pillow towards the calm direction. Make sure you buy the jade from a reputable jeweler. There are a lots of fake jade on the market. The jade should not have metal chain attached to it. Top quality jade looks uniform in color and feels smooth and warm when touched. The jade does not need to be large. If you have such a big piece of jade under your pillow and cannot sleep, you would have defeated the purpose. The old saying also believe that too much 'calm' influence can reduce a man's sexual drive.  Many says it is equally effective on women. So please use with caution.

If none of the above works for you,  you can always file an extension.