One of my colleague is an amateur carpenter. He was talking about using his weekends to make all his furniture corners rounded. He is concerned about his small children at home. I think that was a marvelous idea. It is particularly important if you are to hosting parties with small children.
In Fengshui, a sharp corner is considered as 'Shar'  (pronounce as sch-are) which means killer or disharmony. As a result, conflicts or quarrels are easy to happen to people around it.  If a person is surround by a large amount of 'Shar', mental and/or physical well being of this person can be effected. These sharp corners can come from  plants, furniture or decorations. 
Technically, only a sharp angle (less than 90 degrees) is considered as 'Shar'. However, many of us have furniture with right angles. A right angle is an angle that is exactly 90 degrees.  How do you know if they are just a bit smaller  than 90 degrees? You don't! A good measure of precaution is to make them rounded corners. Here are some suggestions to get you started:
1. Round the actual furniture edges and corners with sand paper. You can do a small wood working in your house without being a carpenter. The work does not have to be large. All you have to do is to round the sharpest point and varnish it.
2. Cover the corners with cloth. Draping cloth naturally smooth off the sharpest point. With the approaching holiday, you can make such draping cloth (or paper) in a very creative way.
3. Hide the pointing corner with an other object. The object to be used can be anything. I am sure you can find many handy objects suits your decoration.