Travel in China:

Beijing (Peking), the capital city of China 

Yangtze river,  the other cruise 

If you are seriously planning on traveling to China on your own, you should bring this book with you. It is proved to be quite useful .Lonely planet: China Paper back published October 2000, 7th edition, $23.99



lonly planet southwest This book covers the most amazing section of China. The southwest contains the richest cultural and natural resources of this ancient country. No matter you love to hike in the untouched forest, or you are passionate about endangered animals, or you want to experience the rich culture and collect crafts, or you love Chinese food... You will find this is a great place to be.  BTW, contrary to common believes, the Chinese people is originated in the Southwest. This section of world is the most beautiful place on earth that I have ever been, and I have been to lots of places! I was born there. Every time I go back I have new things to discover. (oops: now you know my opinion is biased.)