Where is the center of the reference for a one family house?

In the world of Fengshui (Feng Shui), 'direction' is very important. Before you know the direction, you need to locate center of the reference.

The reference point changes depends on what are you looking at. If you are living in a single-family house or you occupy one entire floor, the center is the geographic center of the square to which the house belongs. This is a little difficult to imaging but straightforward to figure out.

Follow the three easy steps.
Step 1: On your floor plan or house design or what ever you have that accurately describes your house, mark the furthest point of east, west, north and south. If there is a garage or any addition to the house, make sure you include it.
Step 2: Connect the furthest east and west points. Connect the furthest south and north points.
Step 3: From the middle point of east and west, draw a line that is perpendicular to the east west connection. Do the same thing for the north south connection.
Congratulations! You have located the center of the reference for your house. It is the point where these two new lines across.

Where is the center of the reference if I live in a two family town house?

If you occupy one entire floor, consider yourself live in a one family house. and refer to Where is the center of the reference for a one family house?

If you and your neighbor occupy half of the floor on every level, it is a little difficult to decide the center. Because you and your neighbor is neither totally independent (like a one family house) nor totally intertwined (like a big family), the exact relationship between you and your neighbor needs to be taken into account. If your are your neighbor's landlord, consider the entire house as a one family house. Follow the steps in "Where is the center of the reference for a one family house?" to locate the center. In the time to re-new the lease, make sure that "your half" of the house has the Fengshui (Feng Shui) that is good for you.

If you and your neighbor both own portion of the house, consider the common property and portion of the house that you own. In this case, you will probably need a copy of the original blue print to make sure you locate the center correctly. Regarding the common property, you can adjust that according to your relationship with your neighbor. If you and your neighbor are close buddies, you should definitely include the common wall, the entire garage and anything you have access even you only own half. If all the words you exchange with your neighbor is "good morning"; your portion should be exactly where your legal portion is. If you are the renter, only consider the portion of the property in which that you are living and definitely not include the walls. Then follow the steps in "Where is the center of the reference for a one family house".

How do I determine the center of the reference if my house have multiple floors?

If the house has multiple levels, determine the individual center of reference for each floor is generally a good idea. Even the three floors in a house is exactly the same, they are not influence the residence exactly the same.  A rule of sum is that the floor closest to the surface of the ground is most likely to be influenced by what's outside. The floor contains most activity is most likely to be influencing the individual. If you prefer to do as little as possible, you can chose the main floor of the house and determine the center accordingly.

If your house is a one family house and has multiple levels, the first floor is usually the main floor and it is the largest. In this case, it is safe to use the first floor to represent the entire house. However, there are some special situation, you need to make some modifications.

If your house is build by a hill or below a road, which means that when looked from one direction the first floor becomes the basement. In this case, the second floor becomes the main floor. The center of the reference should be based on this floor.

What if your main floor is not the largest floor? This usually indicates some kind of unbalance of the house. Unless you have very specific reason to keep the house that way, it is generally recommended that add some storage sheds or garage or whatever you see fit attached to the house on the main floor.

When determine the direction of influence on individual, the floor that contains the most activities is the most important to individual. For example, If you live in your parents' house and your room is on the third floor, you should consider the third floor the main floor unless you spend most of your time home hug  the TV in the living room.