No matter you are buying, renting or just vacationing, you know that water front properties are more expensive. People love water, particularly in the summer. In Fengshui (Feng Shui), 'Shui' means water literally. Therefore, a great amount of work in Fengshui is to manage the water in life. No wonder the lake sides, beach sides real estate are going up every year. However, not all water born equal in the eyes of Fengshui (Feng Shui).
The right location for the water is in front of the house. The 'front' is identified by the main entrance. You do not want to be too close to the water either. The best is the property with water view but no chance for flood. 

I love the camping grounds in upstate New York where you can rent an island for a weekend. When you are camping on an island, chose a flat spot for your tent. Leave plenty of room for you and your friends to move around, make sure that the door of the tent is facing the water and the back of the tent is facing UP the hill. I like the old style metal sticks for fasting the tent to the ground. It not only gives me a secure feeling, but also serves the presents of metal element. There is no shortage of wood, water or earth on an island that is also a camping ground. So, please remember to bring the fire and metal so you are not going to eat raw fish, that is if you catch any at all.