calabashIn the Forum discussion, I have been asked what a calabash is. Well, according to the Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, tenth edition, calabash n.1: a tropical American tree of the trumpet creeper family; also: its hard globes fruit 2: one whose hard shell is used for utensil, 3: a utensil (as a bottle or dipper) made from the shell of a calabash.  In Fengshui, we specifically use the bottle in the definition 3 above. As a matter of fact, such bottles are no longer made of the calabash fruit but only carry the shape. The picture we have here is a jade calabash.

Today, you can find jade calabash in an art store or China town. Most of them are made of green jade. The height is about one to one and a half inches. The best jade calabash is dark green and free of defect in material  or workmanship. It can have silk tied to its waist and/or gold around its neck. When touched, it should feel lukewarm. Please be careful to distinguish jade calabash from that made of glass or porcelain. Jade calabash has gentle characteristic and can be used in most locations. If a couple needs help in their relationship, use a pair tied together under the pillow.  Many people like to hang a calabash on a baby's bed to help the well being of the baby.  I usually suggest it to be hang on the door to the baby's room so it is not accidentally grabbed and swallowed by the baby. 

The copper or brass calabash are usually larger in size. Some of them are as tall as one foot. They are usually found at crafts stores. Many of the copper or brass calabashes have fine painted/etched art work on the surface. Although the aesthetic value may differ from one to another, the Fengshui value  is approximately the same. Fill it with your favorite dry flower pedals, it makes a very fine bedroom decoration and improve your Fengshui. 

The wood calabashes are difficult to find. Some of them are imitations and just  made of any wood. The real good ones are made from the fruit of calabash plant.  If you have elderly in your family, hang three wood calabashes at their bed, close to the headboard. If it is not convenient to hang, you may put the calabashes on a light stand close to the headboard. it is great for the longevity of the elderly.