After a three-day weekend, vacation or holiday, people usually ask how the holiday was. The most frequently answer I got is "too short". Maybe the real answer is actually "too stressful?" Have you ever thought that after the vacations you need a vacation? It is true. we like to work hard and play hard. It is not good to get back to work with stressful mind. So you need to get yourself back in shape as soon as possible. We recommend a basic technique to help you unwind.
First, locate your calm direction in your individual Bagua. In a quite room that you will not be disturbed for about 10-15 minutes. Ware comfortable clothing. Face your calm direction. Chose any posture that you prefer. If you are religious, you may want to bring relevant religious material as you wish. You may also wish to start with pray or religious meditation. 
Imaging a beautiful picture that makes you feel relaxed and calm. You may need to have one of those picture at hand in the beginning.  Breathe deeply and slowly and imagine you are surrounded by such environment. Count your breathe cycle (one inhale and one exhale as one cycle) 81 times and wake up. You may use back ground music of any kind.