My advice to people read about any new subject is always 'read one good book cover to cover, use your questions and doubles for your guidance for further reading.' This is the reason a good first book is important. 
An ideal beginner's book should be simple in style, clear in logic, accurate in concept and inexpensive in price. 

101 tips for the home

101 Feng Shui Tips for the Home  This is the best Fengshui beginner book in my opinion.  I have never heard any thing negative about it.  

chinese whispers

Chinese Whisper: Feng Shui   
Would be the best beginner's book except for the price. It is absolutely well written, designed, illustrated. I still keep a copy in my living room.

complete idiot's guide

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui
Just like all other 'idiot's guide' book. If you like the style you will like it......

teach yourself

Feng Shui (Teach Yourself)
It is a good beginner's book. The author definitely knows the subject. It's writing is clear and well to the point.