What's wrong with TV in the bedroom? That's a very good question! Maybe the opposite is easier to answer. TV in the bed room is good for a lots of things. It brings the busy world to you as soon as you wake up in the morning. It entertains you when you cannot sleep at night. You can watch other people together when you have to be alone. You can even use it to help you to build a mood when you cannot build it yourself. It is practically your companion! The TV is most powerful when it is right at your feet so you do not have to look at anywhere else in your bedroom. Even when the TV is turned off, the surface can serve as a mirror using which you can admire your own image. You could have been admiring your own image when you are sleeping and feel so hard to wake up.

TV is doubly harmful for a bedroom. When put right at the feet, the uncovered surface serve as a mirror which directs the Chi back to the bed, make it too strong for resting. When the TV is on, no matter what program it is, no matter if you are actually watching, it creates an illusion of an open, busy world around you. This serves as if you have too many people in your bedroom, which is not positive for neither intimacy nor resting.

If it is too much to get rid of the TV in the bedroom immediately, start from turning the TV away from the bed whenever you are not watching it. You will find it makes a big difference.