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It is a special year for people that is 'snake' in Chinese zodiac. In the east, snakes do not have the burden such as original sin.  However, there is a concern called 'self animal year' according to my best translation. It is the year that matches your animal sign. Traditionally, people wear red belt or tie a red string on their wrist in hope for a healthier year. Is such tradition totally based on FengShui or pillar analysis? No. But it has been a very good tradition for many years according to most people's grandmothers. 

Yearly synopsis: 

It is going to be a relatively difficult year for the snakes. Being very prudent is the general advice, particularly financial wise.
Finance: You do not have to be a Feng Shui or financial expert to realize that it is not the best time in investment for you this year. Pay a lots of attention to the details. Be clear on exactly what you are doing and how are you going to do it before you make every move. If you are not sure, put your money in government bond or an FDIC insured account. Mold does not grow on money! 
Career: Snakes might harvest a good salary increase or bonus from work this year. Again, pay attention to details, avoid conflicts. It is usually hard to improve your reputation in a short time period but only takes one second to ruin it. Therefore, pay extra attention to the relationship with your colleagues. Learn from the Borg, the best way to destroy your enemy is to assimilate them. 
Romance: I am always nervous in telling people about their romance. Let me put this way, for the short term romance oriented snakes, you are having a good year. For long term romance oriented snakes, avoid conflicts. 

Your yearly advice in short: Be prudent and avoid conflicts. 

Your monthly discussion will soon follow.

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