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It is a year needs a lot of prudent for the sheep. Good and bad situations usually close to each other. Maybe it is best to use this year to do some thinking and planning instead of acting.  Consider no news as good news. 

Yearly Synopsis:
Finance: Money is easy to get loose this year. Risky investment can be very costly. Gambling is absolutely not advised. Avoid lend or borrow money if you can. Particularly avoid lending money to your friends, you might end up lose both. However, there might be good opportunities at work during the mid year. Grasp the opportunity if you can. Although there is no big fortune coming your way this year, you can always save some small money here and there. You will be surprised how big they can add up.
Career: It is your year to be a good supporting actor/actress. You want to focus on how to do your current job better and how to get along better with your colleagues. It is OK that you hold onto that new idea or innovative project for a while. You might find that it needs a bit patch here and there to be picture perfect for bigger rewards. When you work hard to support other people, you will get the credit you deserve. Take some class if possible.    
Romance: Romance and friendship can be confusing to all of us sometimes. However, a prudent approach cannot be wrong. Hold back a little may be good for the development of the relationship. A little bit loneliness might bring the life time joy. 

Your yearly advice in short: be prudent and conservative

Your monthly discussion will soon follow.


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