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The is the year the strength of the pig is tested since you are opposing the grand Jupiter. 

Yearly Synopsis:
Finance: You should avoid any risk in investment at all. Keep sufficient amount of your money in a flexible account for unexpected expenses is important this year. You do not want to borrow money or take on a loan if you can avoid it. Cut down unnecessary expense in the house hold may be a good idea. Things like new car, new computer, new jewelry or even new cloths should be delayed to next year or at least year end. Travel only when you have too, no matter its for business or pleasure.
Career: If you feel frustrate because the job is difficult, tell yourself 'this too shall pass'. The reword for your hard work will come some day. If you are not getting the support you need from your boss, take a very calm evaluation of your job. May be it is time too look around. Some times we are pushed into change be circumstances. This is OK. Change is always for the better. Just that you remember change is a mean, not a goal. Whatever does not kill you will only make you stronger.
Romance: Do not pursuit romance because you want to find somewhere to escape from reality. If you try to fool yourself, you will be fooled. It is better to sit back and think about your current and previous experiences. 

Your yearly advice in short: You are a survivor.

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