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Have you ever wondered why there is a mouse but no cat in the Chinese Zodiac? I did. The official reason is that house cats are not aboriginal to China. They were not there when the Zodiac animals were picked. The unofficial reason is that mice are smarter than cats and tricked cats off the competition in running for the Zodiac seat. That is why the cats just cannot help going after the mice generations after generations! 

Yearly Synopsis:
Finance: It is not a good year for you in risky business. Investment in conservative and guaranteed government bonds and money market funds are best. If you get some unexpected income, such as bonus at work, keep them liquid. You might have unexpected expense too. If you think you deserve a raise, this is the year to ask for it. The unemployment is so low that your boss should be very afraid of losing a good worker like you. On the other hand, your boss might not have the fund to give you that raise both of you believe you deserve until late this year or even next year.
Career: Keep up your excellent work, you are a star at work this year! Make sure you are making an effort to be nice to your coworkers. Go extra mile and make sure they are not going to be jealous about your brilliant success. Your creativity will bring your career to a new high level. Make sure every one around you benefit from it. Give people a little pointer here and there. Let them have some of your credit. Their gratitude will help your success in the future.
Romance: Do not push anything this year. Be nice to your (potential) partner when you are asked. Keep your little tantrum under control and do not yield to excessive demand of others. Consider you are walking on eggshells. 

Your yearly advice in short: Focus on your career.

Your monthly discussion will soon follow.


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