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It is a relatively good year for the monkey. Even if there will be a problem, there will be helping hands too. If you do not require everything to be absolutely perfect, you will be very happy this year. 

Yearly Synopsis:
Finance: Money is never a big problem for the monkey. In the investment arena, there is always going to be gains and losses. However, if you know what you are doing, you will have more gains than losses at the year end. You have good reason to be confident about your decisions. You might also have some increase in your regular income, such as raise, bonus or unexpected gifts.
Career: Your boss should be really worried this year because you are going to ask for that raise that you deserve. If you get less than half of you have asked for, you should get your resume out immediately. You are in a good year for career advance and should not miss it. The career advance could be in your current company or half an earth away! What if you DO get what you have asked for? Do you still look around? The decision is yours.  For female monkeys out there, I recommend that you start looking around no matter how much you are making now. You might be happily surprised! Of course, you should be careful not to let any one know until you have the new offer in hand.   
Romance: The art of being attractive is not just the ability to attract strangers or look like a movies star. It is to be able to guide the relationship to higher level through your inner charm. A person loves you must love you for who you are not just the mask. If you only need one sole mate instead of a million distant admires, you should remember that some times less is more. 

Your yearly advice in short: Be confident and persistent.

Your monthly discussion will soon follow.


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